Making of the CLIP UX video 🎥

Making of the CLIP UX video 🎥

Making of the CLIP UX video 🎥

When you design a consumer product, signalling its cultural experience is essential.

To identify and project the right set of emotions to our future CLIP riders we sought inspiration from film and the “classic cool” aesthetic of Godard and the French New Wave.

I created a quick storyboard to lay out some basic ideas of the split screen visual. After a great creative session with Clem and Audrey – we were ready to go!

Audrey became our producer on this and we aligned beautifully on the aesthetic direction of the narrative. Super confident, Audrey assured us that we could do this entire shoot on a laughably low budget and in a single day.

And was she right!

We decided on a freezing December morning. Audrey and her friends arrived early at my home and we get to planning the interior shots and the ones outside. We rope in Aprile and Sebu for a quick ride by shot on our street as well.

Audrey, Yasmine, Sarah and Emily hustle and in no time we move from my house, up the street to prospect park and then over to Brooklyn Bridge.

By 4:00 pm most of the footage is done!

As we end the shoot with the final interview section , I begin to realize we’d just achieved what seemed impossible just a few hours ago. Impossible without the amazing generosity from this special group of superwomen who made this happen in a single day.

Here are the final videos – I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it!

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