Free bike tune-ups! 🚲🔧

Free bike tune-ups! 🚲🔧

Free bike tune-ups! 🚲🔧

Earlier this month, CLIP and Bike Rescue had the absolute pleasure to say ‘thank you’ to healthcare workers at the NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with a free bike tune up.

Since the start of the pandemic many nurses, medical assistants, doctors, pharmacists, lab engineers, security officers and administrators switched to bike commuting as a way to avoid public transport (and also de-stress after difficult days). 
Unfortunately some bikes weren’t ready for the job. With long and exhausting shifts, going to a bike shop before or after work wasn’t an option.
So we started to call medical centers in Brooklyn…all of them! We were lucky to connect with Loren, Community Affairs Manager, at NYP Brooklyn Methodist. Loren managed to create momentum for the project in a record time and in a challenging context. In a few weeks, senior administration was onboard, the team was organized and the word was out. 

The bike tune up pilot was on for Tuesday, June 09.
Early on Tuesday morning, Greg Benning from Bike Rescue parked his now famous repair truck in front of the bike parking at the entrance of the hospital. Hospital workers Johnson, Victor, Lissette and a few others were already waiting with masked smiles. 
For 10 intense hours, Greg serviced and resuscitated 25 bikes. New tubes for the BMX, a brake replacement for the Cannondale, and a full gear tuneup for the Dahon eco bike.
These bikes are essential to healthcare workers who are essential for all of us.

To Stacey, Elyse, Evgeny, Ricardo, Terry, Suzanne, Jorge, Andrew, Lissette, Cathy and so many others who keep us healthy and lift our spirits, we appreciate what you do. 
Although we had to turn away many bikes due to overwhelming demand, we will find a way to come back for more free tune-ups soon! 

Thank you!

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