National Finalist Cleantech Open 🌳

National Finalist Cleantech Open 🌳

National Finalist Cleantech Open 🌳

What an exciting journey this has been this year at the Cleantech Open.

The organizers of this year event have done such a phenomenal work bringing their first ever virtual accelerator program with more than 100 startups in this year’s cohort. I can’t say enough how impressed I have been by their ability to run webinars, split in breakup rooms on demand, bring facilitators and mentors in. The program started in May and the National Final just occurred on Oct 21 2020. Such an accomplishment in this current pandemic environment. All this in a very friendly spirit to build our community and stay connected. Thank you to the entire staff.

I would also like to thank our 4 mentors David Dine, Michael Potts, Mike Wolf, and Victor del Porto who accompanied Clip all the way with passion and tremendous insights. Without them making it to the National Final as part of the top 6 would not have been possible. We are so grateful.

What an honor then to be chosen by the many judges as a National finalist. The CTO is such an amazing ecosystems of partners avid to make our planet a cleaner one though clean tech innovations. CTO well deserves its title as the biggest accelerator of clean tech technologies from energy efficiency, new clean power generation, sustainable transportation, to agricultural and waste management.

If you have time please check on the recordings of the National Final on Oct 21st and our Northeast Regional Final pitch on Oct 1st (see entire event here). You will find great startups. 2020 will be a year to remember.

We hope CLIP is going to make everyone life’s easier, healthier and safer. This is the bright side of cycling. Do join us in this exciting journey.

From Brooklyn with our best wishes

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