CLIP biking in Paris and Lille 🍾🥐

CLIP biking in Paris and Lille 🍾🥐

CLIP biking in Paris and Lille 🍾🥐

The suspense is almost over…..  We just announced the launch of CLIP. 
At least in the US.
In France it will come soon. The French want CLIP too.

Last winter at Marché Montpensier in Paris, Clem and I had a chance to demo it. I rode a shared bike with CLIP attached to it.  “What is this intriguing cool device on the bike?” was wondering the man on the left.

Eric with CLIP on a velib at Marché Montpensier – Paris

Simon, who was riding by on his velib shared bike tried it as well and loved it. “Super device!” was all he had to say with a big smile …. see how it feels to ride CLIP

We ended chatting about it with many people and they all wanted to see it in action. We ended trying CLIP in front of a bar and a restaurant next to the Musée d’Orsay and l’Ecole Militaire.

Same positive reaction in Lille. The city is a big proponent of biking and has extended bike share programs available to all.

One of the cycling oldest races, Paris-Roubaix (next to Lille) is famous for its finish on the sliding cobblestones. Still there in the picture. The race was first run in 1896! Cycling is engrained in the city of Lille’s culture.

We plan to bring this exciting consumer device to the European consumers fast. The City of Paris has been readying many new bike lanes. We can see a similar pattern in other countries in cities such as Milan and Brussels.

With CLIP biking becomes so easy and fun. Let’s get excitement and safer riding into our urban environment.

Next year in 2021 let’s ride CLIP on the Champs-Elysées along the Tour de France last stage in the summer. 

Here’s to Biking Easy!

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