From NL to NY: Welcome Demo Bike! 🚲

From NL to NY: Welcome Demo Bike! 🚲

From NL to NY: Welcome Demo Bike! 🚲

Originating from Holland, CLIP’s new-old demo bike has come a long way to settle into its newest home- The NewLab.

With it’s faded olive green frame, a blurred front light, and a seat that looks like it has accommodated many, the Zandvoort bike fits right into Northwest Brooklyn.

Like the majority of Dutch bikes, the Zandvoort has a unique upright sitting position that promises a very comfortable ride. (The CLIP.bike team would know- the bike rolled up and down our NewLab headquarters shortly upon arrival.)

Clem & Eric check out the newest member of the team

Manufactured in the Netherlands, pedals from Germany, rims made in France- similar to the average New Yorker, this vintage bike is a little bit of everything. 

The bike parked in front of Judy’s family owned horse stable, next door to her flower shop.
Judy stands with the Zandvoort in front of the McInerney flower shop.

This Zandvoort’s most recent admirer is a woman named Judy, the owner of a family run flower shop in Middletown, Connecticut. Judy shares that the bike was passed down from a family friend who often brought the bike onto her boat, using it for transportation when they docked. To complete this cycle of traveling water-style, the Zandvoort was brought to NewLab via New York City’s East River Ferry. 

The Zandvoort is lucky to have been a part of the McInerney family for nearly 3 years, and the CLIP.bike Team is looking forward to carrying it onto it’s next journey: testing out the growing world of e-mobility. 

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