Frequently Asked Questions


12-Month Limited Warranty
What about shipping costs for repair during the Warranty?

We’ll take care of all the shipping costs for the first 6 months.

What's not included in the Warranty?

This warranty is all about manufacturing defects. It doesn’t cover things like accidents, wear and tear from your awesome rides, or if your CLIP’s been altered or repaired by someone not authorized by us.

It’s only valid for CLIPs bought directly from us or our authorized dealers.

What's included in the Warranty?

First 6 Months - Full Support.

Any manufacturing glitches? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you notice any issues in materials or how your CLIP was made, we’ve got your back. We’ll either fix your CLIP or replace it with a refurbished one that’s in a similar or better condition as your CLIP. And guess what? We’ll take care of all the shipping costs!

Next 6 Months - Continued Care.

We’re still here for you! If you find any manufacturing issues from the 7th to the 12th month, we’re on it. We’ll fix your CLIP at no charge, using new or refurbished parts. Please note that there won’t be complimentary shipping during this period.

How it works
How can I be sure CLIP will fit my bike?

We made CLIP to be compatible with all city, road and hybrid bikes with a 26” to 28” front tire/tyre and any fork stem thickness. CLIP is not compatible with suspension fork.

We’ll be happy to schedule a demo for you if you live in Brooklyn.

What is CLIP?

CLIP is a portable propulsion device – designed to instantly upgrade any bike including a shared bike to an e-bike without any tools at a fraction of the price of a traditional e-bike.

What type of battery does CLIP use, and what are its features?

CLIP utilizes a Lithium-ion battery pack, which is specially designed and optimized with several advanced features to enhance performance and safety.

  • Optimized Lithium Footprint: Designed for minimal environmental impact.
  • Regenerative Charging: Recaptures energy during downhill riding or braking, enhancing efficiency.
  • Dedicated Battery Management System: Each pack has its own system to maintain battery health and safety by regulating charging and discharging.

These features ensure the CLIP battery is efficient, safe, and eco-friendly.

When will pre-orders ship?

We will notify you two weeks before we begin to ship.

We’re currently shipping out CLIPs based on the waitlist

We are building large batches for 2024 so your wait-time from a pre-order today will be about 4-6 months.

Shipping & Returns
Where do you ship?

Currently we will only ship within the US for the first set of pre-orders.

However CLIP will soon be available in more countries so do make sure that you’ve subscribed on our website to stay updated.