Product Support

Quick Start Guide

Mounting CLIP

Undock remote and strap to bike handle bars

Release latch on handle and pivot handle forward

Position CLIP around the front wheel of bike

Ensure CLIP is making contact with bike fork

Pull handle toward top of CLIP and ensure it clicks into place

Check that the red mounting bars have engaged with fork

Confirm that CLIP’s friction drive wheel is centered on bike wheel

Riding with CLIP

After mounting the bike, ride forward to become comfortable with CLIP

Once ready to experience a boost, press and hold the red button the remote

Ready to stop? Release the red button and use bike brakes as usual

Want to use regenerative braking? Press the capsule shaped button

Charging CLIP

Remove CLIP from bike and redock the remote

Place CLIP in a dry location away from source of heat

Plug in CLIP charger cord into the charging port

TIP: To check the charge status, press the red remote button once and check the CLIP device LEDs

Storing CLIP

Charge battery until 3 of the 4 LED lights are illuminate

Store in a dry location away from a source of heat

CLIP Maintenance

To clean CLIP, a microfiber cloth with warm water should suffice

If needed, a small amount of soap detergent or product such as Simple Green can be used with water

A Q-Tip or toothbrush can be used to clean the remote charging dock, if debris begins to build up.

LEDs Quick Guide


Dim Yellow: Remote is re-pairing with device after docking

Blue: Remote is recharging while docked on the device

White: Remote is fully charged

Green (Blink): CLIP is recharging, remote is undocked

Red: CLIP battery is low and needs to be recharged

Red: Regenerative braking is being used (while riding)


1 LED (Blink): Unit is plugged into charger and charging (battery low)

2 LEDs (Blink): Unit is plugged into charger and charging (battery low)

3 LEDs (Blink): Unit is plugged into charger and charging (battery is halfway charged)

4 LEDs (Blink): Unit is plugged into charger and charging (battery is almost fully charged)

4 LEDs: Unit is plugged into charger and fully charged

Animated LEDs: While using the boost function the white LEDs will cycle from high to low. Charge status is determined by how many of the 4 lights are cycling.

Common Questions


Common Questions
CLIP’s friction drive wheel is not perfectly centered.
  • CLIP fits on almost all bikes (expect bikes with a suspension fork or cargo bikes), however there are still variations from bike to bike. If you notice, that CLIP is not staying centered, try adjusting the mounting position to be higher or lower on the fork.
  • When initially mounting CLIP, let the device rest on the fork and the wheel in a centered position, and latch the handle. If CLIP is mounted off-centered, it will not self correct while riding.
I want an extra charger so I can charge at home and at my office.

Send us an email and we’ll send you a link to purchase another charger.

I’m holding the red boost button, but I’m not getting the boost that I’m used to!

If it’s a hot day, or you’ve just gone up a hill boosting the whole way, CLIP has a protection device which will activate to prevent the device from overheating. If you notice that you’re boost is being throttled, wait a few minutes before pressing the boost again. The boost will return once the unit has returned to it’s safe operating temperature.

I’ve charged my CLIP, but the battery has drained before riding it.

Please ensure that the remote is docked. If the remote is in the cradle, please remove, inspect the magnetic connector for debris, and redock checking to make sure the dim yellow and then blue or white light appear on the remote. Let the unit recharge and you’ll be good to go!

What do I do when I’m running a quick errand with CLIP?

We advise taking CLIP off your bike and bringing it with you. However, we are beta testing a locking mechanism for quick stops. Stay tuned or write us a note if you’d like to be one of the first to test!

When I’m not pushing the red boost button, I’m still being given assistance.

CLIP “rides-along” when you are pedaling and matches your speed to ensure that CLIP is not providing resistance to your normal ride. As a result, you may feel that CLIP is propelling you forward even when you are not pushing the boost button.